Customer Testimonies

"This product is SUPERB!!!! A SPRAY TO TAKE THE PAIN AWAY.."
Lai Lane
"Where it is made? I want to try it."
Fatima Rosario Estrada

I have a fever for 5 days and I lost my sense of taste and smell. I’m so afraid because I experienced the symptoms of COVID 19. I did not attempt to go to a nearby hospital because if I go there, I’m pretty sure that I can not take anything not unless prescribed by… Read more “Symptoms of COVID 19”

Doreen H
Valencia City, Bukidnon

Hi!, I’m Leonie an employee of the City Engineer’s Office. I am always stressed and had back pains—pains in my cervical, lumbar, and sacral and headache as well. I observed that staying longer in an airconditioned room and suddenly get out into the outside environment which is hot contributes more to a very painful back.… Read more “Stress & Back Pain”

City Engineering, CDO

I am scheduled for a Chemotherapy because I’m a cancer patient having breast cancer [stage 4]. My friend from Bukidnon has informed me to try alternative treatment first because based on her experience being a cancer patient also is now getting better day by day. That’s why I dd not hesitate to buy right away… Read more “Breast Cancer”

From Davao City
[Identity withheld as per request]

I was diagnosed with a kidney problem and was advised to undergo dialysis. I was worried……until one day I met a lady from Bukidnon w introduced me to the Bio-Armstrong Curcumelain500. Without hesitation, I immediately called the number she gave me. I ordered two bottles of Curcumelain500 and started taking 2 capsules twice a day… Read more “Kidney Problem”

Danny I
Security Guard

I have a swelling and a very painful knee joint due to arthritis. I can not walk alone and I need someone to help me go to the comfort room. I took many pain reliever to slow down the pain but the pain still persists. One day, my friend who is a school teacher here… Read more “Arthritis”

Aries Buena
Retired Teacher